【Blender 2.91 Tutorial】スカートのモデリング解説【Cloth Simulation】 | mmCGチャンネル animetic

タイトル:【Blender 2.91 Tutorial】スカートのモデリング解説【Cloth Simulation】
チャンネル名:mmCGチャンネル animetic

Иван Алмазов:Oh God!!!!!
That's exactly what i wanted for tutorial !!!!!
Right now I have problems with it.
(Is it possible to show you my character modeling, based in your tutorial)
Kukish Aleks:👍
K 3D:i dun understand Japanese, but i am keen to try out the settings for the cloth that you showed becos the collision settings you recommended is what I have never tried. so that might be why the problem exists sometimes. different clothes mesh reacts differently ! thank you ! – I am in the midst of a project and i am having alot of problems with the cloth simulation for a realistic double breasted jacket for a male character. i really hope this will solve all my problems 🙂